Craftsmen in Creative Foil and Embossing

Paper is the first face a product or company shows the customer whether it’s the poster you see, the package you unwrap, the memento you keep.

But printing is only half the job. Embossing, die cutting and final fabrication take the raw materials from finely designed potential to the final, memorable product.

Paper is flat, but we make it curve and gleam. Foil uses colour and shine to draw and keep the eye. Texture brings undeniable elegance to a printed product and compels you to stop and touch. 

Gryphon Graphics Inc. brings over twenty years of experience to British Columbian printers. Originally focused on quality letterpress printing, Gryphon Graphics has grown to include foil stamping, embossing, and die cutting, expanding the range of ways that we can embellish, shape and complete your end product. Possibilities include:

  • Textured business cards with eye-catching shine.
  • Embossed artwork that captures each delicate curve on quality paper.
  • Professional stationery and media presentation folders requiring hand-forming.
  • Product packaging embellishment and assembly for luxury product packaging.
  • Custom stationery, embossed and pressed, for business correspondence or wedding invitations.
  • Advertising designed for poster campaigns, pop-up displays, menus and promotional product tags.


Gryphon Graphics Inc. takes pride in offering its customers a wide variety of creative print finishing options. From scoring and perforating to high quality die cutting, foil stamping and embossing, Gryphon Graphics will meet your print finishing needs.


Shine – nothing captures the eye like a glossy finish.

Colour – choose from a wide spectrum of colours, metallics, and clear finish.

Layer – create striking combination effects for business and creative applications.

Black and gold foil for business cards.

Black and gold foil for business cards.


Texture – makes your product touchable, unmissable. Raised (embossed) or lowered (debossed) effects draw the eye, hold the hand.

Combine – embossing and foiling to create unique, high-end marketing materials for product packaging and limited edition collectable art pieces.  

Foiled and embossed winery bottle labels.

Foiled and embossed winery bottle labels.


Dies – can be made and stored on site or for art pieces supplied or special ordered.

No Limits – you don’t have to be constrained by a square. Give your product curves or have intricate folded patterns cut to suit.

Laminating – further enhance business cards by laminating multiple pieces and die cut to suit. 

Die cut, laminated speciality wedding invitations.

Die cut, laminated speciality wedding invitations.


Final Form – everything from complex presentation folder to end-user cosmetics packaging and display, 

Luxury Detail – when you combine expertly foiled and embossed with your packaging design, create a deeply memorable product that consumers will love to look at and loathe to throw away.

Delivered as Needed – completed projects can be assembled to be ready or flat packaged in bulk. 


To stand out in a crowded market place, companies look to high-visibility enhancements, like foiling, to position their brand. Foil stamping has a long history of bringing that touch of luxury to printed items, beginning in earnest after World War I with gold or silver enhancements and continuing on to today’s multitude of colours and prismatic finishing options. In today’s market, beauty isn’t the only reason to enhance a paper product — holographic foil is increasingly used for product security and authentication.  Combined with embossing, foil takes advantage of both shine and texture.

The Foil and Specialty Effects Association estimates that foil and other enhancements appear on less than 10% of printed items. Foil is often used to help successfully launch or relaunch a product in a crowded marketplace. Studies they have had conducted indicate longer fixation rates, but direct and indirect, for foiled products, up to 24% longer. In the study, foiled products leaped to attention quicker, and held interest longer, than non-foiled products. ¹

Even without the studies, foil, either on its own or combined with embossing, debossing or kiss-cut techniques, elevates paper from mere surface wrapping to something of deeper value and beauty. Create a keepsake quality to your packaging and special event stationery with foil.



  • Heidelberg Windmill 10” x 15” (2)
  • Heidelberg Windmill 13” x 18” 
  • Kluge EHD Foilstamper and Diecutter 14” x 20” (2)
  • Meihle Vertical V50 14” x 20”
  • Heidelberg Cylinder SBG 20” x 28”
  • Brausse 750E Foilstamper and Diecutter 22” x 29”
  • Hand Fed Fopilstamper and Diecutter 23” x 35”
  • Hand Fed Diecutter 20″ x 28″
  • Handfed Diecutter 28″ x 40″
  • Franklin model 8500 Hand Foilstamper and Diecutter
  • SBL1050SEF 28” x 40” Foilstamping, Embossing, and Diecutting Press.
  • SBL1050 SE 28″ x 40″ Diecutting and Embossing Press


  • Brausse TA1100 Automatic Gluer and Folder
  • Kluge Unifold Automatic Gluer and Folder
  • Moll Marathon Automatic Gluer and Folder
  • Universal 750XLC Automatic Straight Line Gluer
  • Universal Handfed Gluer and Folder
  • Kluge Transtable Automatic D-Taping Machine
  • Pot Devin Drymounting Machine
  • Polar 76EM 30” Cutter
  • Hue Yua 45” Cutter
  • Seal-a-tron Shrinkwrapper
  • Full in-house Hand Bindery

Die Room:

  • Full in-house Steel Rule Diemaking Capabilities
  • Alcor CNC Router and 
  • Zund M-800 Sample Maker
  • HP Designjet 5500 Plotter
  • Cimex Design Software Program
  • Order Center for all Embossing, Debossing, Foilstamping and Imprinting Dies.


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