To stand out in a crowded market place, companies look to high-visibility enhancements, like foiling, to position their brand. Foil stamping has a long history of bringing that touch of luxury to printed items, beginning in earnest after World War I with gold or silver enhancements and continuing on to today’s multitude of colours and prismatic finishing options. In today’s market, beauty isn’t the only reason to enhance a paper product — holographic foil is increasingly used for product security and authentication.  Combined with embossing, foil takes advantage of both shine and texture.

The Foil and Specialty Effects Association estimates that foil and other enhancements appear on less than 10% of printed items. Foil is often used to help successfully launch or relaunch a product in a crowded marketplace. Studies they have had conducted indicate longer fixation rates, but direct and indirect, for foiled products, up to 24% longer. In the study, foiled products leaped to attention quicker, and held interest longer, than non-foiled products. ยน

Even without the studies, foil, either on its own or combined with embossing, debossing or kiss-cut techniques, elevates paper from mere surface wrapping to something of deeper value and beauty. Create a keepsake quality to your packaging and special event stationery with foil.